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Flash CS4 - aktualizace 10.0.2

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Flash CS4 - aktualizace 10.0.2

Autor: Petr.Matuska

12:42:56 18.05.2009

Dne 13. 5. 2009 byla uvolněna aktualizace Adobe Flash CS4 verze 10.0.2.

K dispozici je přes Adobe Updater nebo manuálně ke stažení na stránkách Adobe -

Popis změn:

Adobe Flash® CS4 Professional (10.0.2) addresses a number of performance issues. Some key fixes are:

* Fixed a performance issues when dragging objects on stage, scrubbing the timeline, or entering symbol edit mode in large AS 2.0 and AS 3.0 files.
* Fixed a performance issues when opening large files or files with many nested symbols.
* Fixed a performance issues when working in the library such as scrolling, selecting items in the library, dragging item to stage, or editing symbol from library.

Bugs fixed in this release:

* AS2 Doc Crashes CS4 when buttons not rendered correctly
* Auto Format beaks the code if encounters ++ or — with an array inside if statement
* Clicking through movie clip with large preview takes long to select in the Library in AS 3.0 file
* Scrubbing and pressing Enter to play timeline is not smooth, slower in AS3 documents
* W and H of instance incorrect after frame 2 if apply tween to instance with filter
* 3D tools appear incorrectly to a child movie clip when applying skew and rotation to the parent 2d movie clip.
* Changing W/H for nested 2d>3d movie clip from PI does not work. After scrubbing the hot text, it snaps back to the original size.
* Dragging from Library to Stage is slow in some files in CS4
* Selecting items in the library is slow in CS4
* Scrolling the library (vertical scroll bar) is slow compared to CS3
* In a FLA with lots of library items, double clicking a symbol “in the edit mode” hangs Flash on Mac.
* Library contents explode CS4 memory (CS3 sits at 75M)
* Performance issue with Stagecore (AS 3.0 fla) - scrubbing, moving, altering objects.
* Object visibility is compromised when created inside empty groups in AS 3.0 fla files.
* Double clicking symbol or symbol name in library hangs Flash; library contains a lot of items
* Text with device font disappears when it is selectable
* Component parameters don’t work for scenes greater than scene 1
* Selecting frames with textfields is a lot slower if the Components Inspector panel is opened
* Empty maskee incorrectly renders mask invisible rather than visible
* Crash when opening a fla that uses a font symbol whose name was identical to the Postscript name of the underlying font and the font is missing
* Optimize a section within a shape leaves gaps in the shape
* Optimize opening and closing FLA files, frame manipulation for FLAs with many frames
* Win only: Crash on exit when the text field is in edit mode and clicking X button to quit without save
* Compiler errors when opening “Air Settings” while adl still running.
* (screens) timeline playhead can’t scrub and jitters when playing anything that spans frames
* gotoAndPlay(”framelabel”) compiles differently in CS3 versus CS4
* Scrubbing the timeline and selecting frames is much slower in CS4 than in CS3
# Crash when creating a text object on stage when there are corrupted fonts
# Graphic symbol looping setting changes when apply color effect to instance in PI
# Files with lots of nested clips suffer from performance issue (file open) in Flash CS4
# Edit in Place of 2d objects which has 3d movieclips nested inside is not functioning correctly.
# Edit in place is slow for complex instances in FP10 documents
# Breaking apart a nested movie clip erases instance name of child movie clip
# Efficient calculation between keyframes so dragging is faster and generally makes people happier if spans are long and complex.
# AS3 Components not compiling correctly when using the Component Definition dialog
# Window Only: Flash crashes when double clicking a fla to open while a current fla is opened with text block selected
# Can’t interact with Flash because modal dialog is up, but hidden behind the workspace when switching between applications
# From crash reporter: crash on Mac when double click to enter symbol edit mode (when the black dotted rectangle is drawn)
# Mac IDE flashes when right-clicking on Library after doing Test Movie
# Performance is slow after double clicking movie clip to enter edit mode and exit
# Setting an instance’s width and/or height to 1 makes W and H hot text unusable in the vertical PI.
# Hot text in the Vertical PI for X, Y, W, H displays only 1 decimal point while edit field displays 2
# Export image: Dimension values in Export dialog and Vertical PI do not match which is misleading to user.
# Crash when selecting text field on stage with many fonts on user’s system.
# Text PI is stuck and some controls on the PI are not drawn with certain fonts on user’s system
# The JSAPI that allows users to publish FLA files without opening them was inadvertently removed when the Project Panel was deprecated. fl.publishDocument( flaURI [, publishProfile] ) is added.
# “Export classes in frame” behavior is different in CS3 than in CS4
# Drag and drop large nested symbol from library to stage hangs Flash
# Dragging from Library to Stage slow on subsequent drag or after scrubbing the timeline
# Scrubbing and pressing Enter to play timeline is not smooth, slower in AS3 documents
# W and H of instance incorrect after frame 2 if apply tween to instance with filter
# Large amounts of text nested in a symbol causes performance problems in non-AS3 documents
# Playback in authoring is not smooth (playhead skips frames), cannot stop it when hitting enter, eventually hangs and takes long to respond (both AS 2.0 and AS 3.0)
# Performance Creating Exported Symbol when the classpath contains lots of files and folder
# Create ease, undo after first edit removes ease
# Selecting and deselecting raw shape after convert to symbol spikes memory and/or crashes
# FLA crash on open when fonts loaded
# Mac only: User input resets to previous setting when attempting to change any value in Vertical PI input area
# Accessing a Windows SWF after it has been moved or deleted crashes Flash
# Crashing when re-opening FLA after canceling publish
# Crash in test movie when running a file with video and filters

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