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why I despised playing BC and Vanilla

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why I despised playing BC and Vanilla

Autor: Gamerzone ♀

8:55:54 05.08.2019

You sap correctly and could infinitely stun in the event that you timed your blind. With the rerelease of the classic servers I think Blizzard has a lot of potential should they really listen to the players to receive their success back. They could make a WoW Classic that everybody really likes. I'd love to find this because man Though I wont play it. I know that still play WoW Classic don't even like <a href="">WoW Classic Items</a>. They complain about it. They are so brainwashed by WoW Classic and they can't stop. It was their first MMO experience. Fortunately mine was not so it was easier for me to quit after tbc. That was when they killed WoW Classic. It became a hand match in only 4 years.

Sheep was far more powerful than any PoM pyro mages. Back before it'd diminishing returns you could sheep somebody to reset a duel or to cc someone for a solid 30 minutes or however long the length was. Used to be potential for a mage to wand a warrior to death in a duel with a combination of nova, rank 1 frostbolt and a good ol fashion sheep afterward eat/drink to health if it wasnt moving your way. Sheep was the bane of WoW Classic before it got patched.

Except bubble hearth, a good frost mage did counter everything and could. For a warlock to succeed a mage, they have to possess the fel puppy out. A Warlock had a chance to kill a mage it provided. Otherwise, you simply saved Counter-spell for for Stress and the warlock died. Arcane Missles, when talented was also very strong. It was so they always faced their goal, a spammable spell that auto-swivled the mage. This allowed you to junk a nuke in their face that locked out 90% of their damage Because rogue and feral druid skills required them to be BEHIND the target. If the mage got disrupted, then they could frost nova, back off, and utilize their nukes instead.

At length, sheep was much much more powerful in vanilla, as it was a 50 CC that lasted duration for all of vanilla WoW Classic while at pvp. You kill their group and then could CC a healer, in a bg, throughout a single poly. Both were directly up spell electricity trinkets that are big.

I never knew those things. Unless I happened to be on randomly during a period when there was a guildie around <a href="">Buy Gold in WoW Classic</a>, I have a explination as to why I despised playing BC and Vanilla. (I worked odd shifts during that time,in addition to went to college, so it was hit or miss if anyone was going to be on or not.) As a sacred priest who REFUSED (and still refuses) to find out darkness or disk (I hate DPS, however absolutely adore recovery ) Vanilla and BC were black, dark times, especially to a PvP server (my boyfriend at the time conned me into that, never again would I return into PvP). I somehow made it through that tho, and have been having fun, and am still getting fun to this day.

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